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Version: 0.6
Date added: June 01, 2011
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/NT
Total Downloads: 98
Downloads last week: 0
Product Ranking: #1 in Download Managers
Developer: PuTTY
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PuTTY is a free software for programmers to help establish secure connections over the internet. Not only is it a useful encryption tool, it also is extremely reliable for connection based projects.

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The popular remote shell client, PuTTY, is far more than a simple telnet connection tool. Originally produced for the Microsoft Windows platform, this free open source tool has been ported to a number of other platforms, with unofficial versions available for both Windows Mobile and Symbian. Official development is also in the works for a number of Linux/Unix environments as well as Mac OS. Overall though, significant use of PuTTY is somewhat limited to Microsoft Windows, which is why the developers of PuTTY make up for it by introducing a number of features that make it stand above other remote shell clients equally available.

PuTTY is able store your hosts using a function similar to Internet Browser History. This allows you to easily acces hosts you've connected to with your client box that you might not have saved for regular use.

PuTTY also recognizes your need for secure transmission. For this reason, PuTTY supports both SSH-1 and SSH-2 protocols, as well as public key authentication for SSH-2. RSA and DSA are both available for public key authentication, so it isn't a matter of being forced to employ one over the other. There are unofficial SSH alternatives, such as OpenSSH, and PuTTY does offer support for the later. Using PuTTYgen, you can turn your OpenSSH keys into the local PuTTY format.

When it comes to security, a powerful layer of security comes from local cryptographic efforts. PuTTY supports these with compatibility with a number of encryption techniques. With PuTTY, you will find complete support for DES, 3DES, AES, RC4 and Blowfish. Combined with noted SSH protocol, this results in a great deal of data security.

PuTTY also offers native forwarding for X11 protocol. This is a protocol for GUI communication between networked computers.

PuTTY even contains support for serial ports. These aren't particularly common, however certain businesses still use these to have their networked machines communicate with one another. As such, support provides backwards compatibility especially for older networks and machines with crucial data that has yet to be transferred to newer systems.

Different PuTTY files provide a great deal of functionality and each serve an important function for those that need to use them. The PuTTY file contains the client program from which users emulate a remote box via Telnet, among other protocols. PSCP is the PuTTY version of an SCP client allowing more secure file copy procedures. PSFTP is PuTTY's SFTP client which allows more secure FTP data to be downloaded as needed. PuTTYtel is the bare bones Telnet only client with absolutely no stress on security. Instead, the simple Telnet protocol with all of it's outdated flaws is usable. With PLink, you can gain command-line access to PuTTY operations. With Pageant, PuTTY performs it's routine SSH authentication as required by PuTTY, PSCP and PLink. PuTTYgen (mentioned above) can be used to generate not only DSA keys, but even RSA keys, for public key authentication. Finally, with pterm, you can emulate a terminal session with none of the added functionality.

PuTTY is not a significant download, as the entire product is contained in a single executable and requires none of the installation process with which you must already be quite familiar. It's also very resource efficient for a remote terminal client making it ideal for just about any situation that demands such a connection. Though it isn't as resource efficient as some other clients on the market, the margin by which it is more of a "hog" is so menial as to be meaningless on any modern computer. And with all the features for which PuTTY is known, this makes it the essential remote terminal client for Windows users.



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Editor review

"PuTTY: The Leading Telnet/SSH Client"
by on June 25, 2011
There are a number of Telnet/SSH clients out there, but PuTTY blows just about any such client out of the water. With support for the older Telnet protocol (unencrypted) as well as the newer SSH protocol (which is encrypted), PuTTY can act as a client for just about any such data-transfer system. Not to mention: it's free. As an open source terminal emulator, it can be downloaded at no cost to the user.

As a result, this tool which was originally only developed for Windows, is now available on Mac OS X and various Unix-like platforms. It's been so useful for some developers that they've even produced an unofficial port to Windows Mobile and Symbian. But PuTTY must have something more to it's name than simply being free if it's so widely used and being adapted across a variety of platforms. And though the list of features would be too long to discuss here, it's fitting to mention a splattering of them now:

PuTTY can store the host machines to which you connect for later use. This function is much like the history function in a web browser or the function found on Windows platforms whereby those documents which were last accessed have identifiers to them stored in the documents folder.

PuTTY also has IPv6 support. IPv6 is the successor protocol to IPv4. Essentially, as the internet grew indescribably in the past few decades, and in fact, unexpectedly, a new protocol is needed to handle all the new hubs of information that have come into being and those which will come into being in the future. IPv6 is the proposed solution to this problem however many telecommunications developers have been slow to jump on the bandwagon. This doesn't apply to PuTTY though, wherewith users will have all of the functionality of IPv6.

In their efforts to enhance security, the developers of PuTTY made it possible to use SSH as an alternative to the unsecure Telnet protocol. Not only do they allow SSH connections, but give the user full control over the SSH encryption key and protocol version, meaning that if someone so desired, they needn't use the latest protocol. They've also developed PuTTY to have public-key authentication support, another layer of security for those who desire it.

Finally, setting up PuTTY is so quick and intuitive that just about anybody can get started. The first step is to download the software which isn't too difficult as PuTTY is open source and free, and also happens to be a very small sized program. The second step for most software suites is typically the installation phase. You know, where you select whether you want to implement the default installation or a custom one and the target directory to which your program should be installed. Not so with PuTTY, the entire program is found in a single self-contained executable, making it that much easier to get started for those that need this data-transfer tool. So what are you waiting for, it's seconds away!

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"Highly recommend this"
by on August 23, 2011
I typically use Filezilla, but this program is just as great.
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