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Version: 3.3
Date added: June 01, 2011
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7
Total Downloads: 364
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Product Ranking: #1 in Download Managers
Developer: Biennesoft
YouTube Downloader
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With YouTube Downloader you can download video and change the video formats so they are compatible with your iPod, cell phone and MP3 devices. Copying YouTube videos to your hard drive is something many wish that YouTube and Google supported directly. YouTube Downloader is an Open Source Windows program that allows for amazingly simple captures and downloads of your favorite internet content.

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YouTube Downloader changes the way in which users interact with online media. Whereas you'd typically have to buffer your favorite song over and over again (every time you close your internet browser), meaning a lot of wasted downtime, YouTube Downloader allows you to simply download the videos you want right to your computer, enabling offline access at a time of your choosing.

Why did YouTube Downloader come about? What's the point of downloading videos that are easily available for free online? Its development is actually a very natural response to the lack of a similar feature on YouTube's own site. Suppose there's a music video or small clip you want to be able to show your friends using your iPod or other mobile media player. Without internet connectivity, that simply isn't possible without first downloading the desired video. Similarly, depending on the speed of your connection, you may be sick of having to wait for the clip you're watching to buffer every 10 seconds. That makes sense! Or you may have found a video by a controversial YouTube uploader and you're afraid that this content may disappear. All of these are very good cases for wanting a YouTube downloading tool!

But YouTube Downloader isn't simply a tool for downloading a handful of YouTube videos though as it's grown into much more over the past years. For one thing, you can use the YouTube Downloader tool to convert your files into more useful formats. When YouTube video files are downloaded, they're in the FLV container format. Most media players are incompatible with this format, especially default media players that come preloaded onto most computers as well as actual DVD players in the event that you attempt to burn the video you like for viewing on a larger screen. With YouTube Downloader, you have an array of different file formats to which you can convert your downloaded FLV file. The results may be compatible with your iPod, DVD player and even your CD player if you only rip the sound!

YouTube Downloader also allows you to be selective. College students always have a highlighter when reading a textbook, there's just too much fluff (unnecessary material) surrounding those important points you actually care about. The same often applies to videos, especially user uploaded videos such as those hosted on YouTube. You may only be interested in the segment from 1:03 to 2:15 of a particular 15 min video. It doesn't make sense for you to save the entire video than, does it? With YouTube Downloader, you can trim your selected video prior to converting it from FLV format. This allows you to easily select the portion of the video you actually want to use.

YouTube Downloader offers users more freedom than just being selective with actual clips - YouTube Downloader can be used to download FLV files from a number of different popular websites besides YouTube. With this tool, you can just easily download your favorite videos from a number of popular websites like Facebook and CollegeHumor. So don't let the name of the product fool you, YouTube Downloader is capable of whole lot more than most people expect.

With an intuitive user-interface, and the fact that it's free, YouTube Downloader has become one of the most used tools when it comes to downloading YouTube videos. YouTube Downloader is also an open source product, meaning developers can create their own particular forks and add suggestions as improvements need to be made. This isn't an issue of course as YouTube Downloader is regularly maintained, making it a reliable way to download your favorite FLV videos.



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"YouTube Downloader: The Best Way to Download YouTube Videos"
by on June 25, 2011
As YouTube has propelled in popularity from the little known video hosting site to the trendy spot for the average Joe to upload his videos, to the media conglomerate that it's become today, it's no surprise than that people would want to download YouTube content. From those random developers that upload a really funny cartoon every now and then to those videos by people who've essentially sponsored their own online TV shows.

Unfortunately though, YouTube doesn't offer an intuitive or useful download feature. This forces people to look for alternative routes and YouTube Downloader has fast become the single best way to download your favorite YouTube clip. First of all, it's totally free so you don't have to pay a dime for the already free YouTube videos to be downloaded to your computer. Even though that gives a lot of people a sigh of relief, there's a whole lot more to YouTube Downloader.

Besides simply being capable of downloading your favorite YouTube video, it allows you to convert said video to one of many popular video formats. YouTube videos are downloaded in a container format call FLV. This means you won't be able to play the video using most media players. In fact, if you try to burn it to a DVD or CD, you can't expect playback from your DVD player. YouTube Downloader solves this problem completely by allowing you to convert your video to AVI, WMV or XVid amongst a number of different formats.

YouTube Downloader not only allows you to save your video to AVI format, and those other ones mentioned above, but a number of other formats as well. For example, you can save your media in the proprietary formats required by your mobile device, such as your iPod or your PSP.

Basically, YouTube Downloader is the number one light-weight free tool to not only download FLV files from YouTube, but to then convert those FLVs into formats usable by your everyday devices. You could come to the same results using a variety of different software suites, and learning about this codec and that codec, but why bother when the same can be performed for you through the sleek YouTube Downloader in record time? That's right, there is no reason to avoid using it, so download your copy and get started.

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