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VLC Media Player

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Version: 1.1.11
Date added: June 01, 2011
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Total Downloads: 69,517
Downloads last week: 0
Product Ranking: #1 in Download Managers
Developer: VideoLAN Project
VLC Media Player
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VLC Media Player is a free a cross-platform application that will play most multimedia files and DVDs, CDs and various streaming protocols. With a simplified media player style interface, the VLC Media Player has many advanced features such as a skin editor and a VideoLAN Movie Creator that allows YouTube upload integration.

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By now, many users have cozied up to VLC, the media player powered by VideoLan's open-source multimedia framework that boasts that it can play anything and everything. But how much of everything is relevant to the average tube warrior sitting at their desk with a large bag of Doritos and a case of RC Cola at their feet? You've got all of the average files that most everyone encounters such as AVIs and MP3s, but most every player out there can take care of those. VLC also supports other video and audio files to fill the needs of other niches. Here are just a few examples:

• Subtitles - VLC supports the somewhat obscure Matroska Multimedia Container, a file format that can contain multiple videos, audio tracks, and subtitle tracks within a single file. Most notable, it is popular among online communities dedicated to sharing and distributing foreign language films and television shows. The MKV (Matroska Video) format is very handy for videos with multiple subtitle or audio tracks, allowing users to share the same video with swappable sub and dub tracks for different languages. MKV files allow fans of foreign dramas, import films, and anime cartoons to enjoy new material in their first language. Unofficial. Community-driven subtitling allows your fellow School Rumble fans all over the world share in the fun, as we all wait for Harima to realize how much Yakumo cares about him.

• Proprietary formats – Formats such and Microsoft's WMA/WMV and RealPlayer's RA/RV are native to certain media players, such as Windows Media Player, Realplayer, and Apple Quicktime. They also tend to be the default format when you create or copy your own files using their respective media players. VLC plays all of these and more, allowing you to have a single, lightweight, and convenient solution for all your needs. This keeps your computer clutter free and gives you a familiar set of controls for everything, rather than forcing you to keep many different apps and fumbling through them all.

• Streaming media - VLC also handles live streaming, such as multicasts used by universities for online lessons through IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) as well as online television shows, live stock exchange tickers, videoconferencing, and on-demand videos and movies. It also supports unicast, which is used professionally to broadcast private information to single parties with permission from the host.

• Shoutcast Network: Though falling under streaming media to some extent, VLC's built-in Shoutcast Network is one of VLC's features that are commonly overlooked by even its longtime users. These people are missing out! Free TV and radio stations that play any kind of music you might be interested in? No, it's not too good to be true, and yes, it's all above the table, legally speaking. Shoutcast allows anyone to host their own content, video or audio, for any other VLC user to access. No one's getting ripped off here, these people are hosting their very own free television channels and radio stations! It's extremely easy to access, and it's available within VLC without any additional downloads or tools required. In other words, it's typical of what makes VLC so good to begin with. All you have to do is enable them by going into Media > Services Discovery, and click on “Shoutcast radio listings” and “Shoutcast TV listings.” Once you see that the checkboxes next to those options are marked, simply go to View > Playlist. In the sidebar on the right, you'll see 2 new tabs for Shoutcast radio listings and TV listings. When you click on a tab, the playlist box fills up with stations to pick from, listed with a name and short description.

• Broken Files - This is something that bothers everyone at least once. The server with your download fizzles out, leaving you with an incomplete file that won't play because “such-and-such is corrupted or incomplete.” You don't get these kinds of errors with VLC. If you want to play an incomplete file, VLC will alert you that pieces are missing, but it will still go on and proceed to play whatever is still there. Obviously, depending on how far you went in downloading it, large chunks can be missing, the audio may be distorted, and the picture will flicker, but it's better than nothing, and certainly better than other media players can do. It has its uses as well, like playing incomplete files that are still downloading. This can be handy to make sure that big video you're downloading from that forum you found isn't just pornography with a misleading file name.

The list of features goes on, but you can find that out for yourself at VLC-Download.com.



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Editor review

"VLC Media Player - An Overview"
by on June 25, 2011
The VLC media player by VideoLan has a reputation for playing everything. Whether it's video or audio, VLC can bring it from the computer to your eyes and ears. Is it archived, live streamed, loss-less, or compressed? Does it come with a subtitles file? Whatever the case, open VLC and press play.

What does it have that your computer's default, pre-installed media player doesn't? VLC has the ability to play more or less any format you throw at it, and it can do so right out of the box. The casual user should recognize the most common audio and video formats or at the very least manage to find them if they dig through their files a little: AVI, MPEG, MP3, MP4, AAC (otherwise known as the ITunes Store format). VLC takes care of all of these easily, and stands head and shoulders above other video players for doing its job without ambushing the user with a blank or distorted screen and vague error messages . Error messages like that tend to stem from your file requiring a codec that your media player doesn't have.

VLC's trademark strength, and what makes it feel so powerful and flexible compared to other media players, is its open-source multimedia framework. This is the code that, in its interactions with the user, give the app, VLC, the set of things it can do. And what it can do is play back lots and lots of different media formats, without having to identify, search for, and download a motley assortment of strange codecs.

Being open-source, any computer savvy app user and/or community member can look at this code, add improvements to it, and submit it back to the VideoLan team for approval. The end result combines all these functionalities sort of Captain Planet in the world of video players, with all the codecs built in needed to satisfy the needs of any user at any level of digital experience, without the need to mess with the app that you downloaded on day 1. To learn more about what VLC can do and to get your hands on it for free, visit http://www.videolan.org/vlc/.

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"So awesome"
by on August 19, 2011
Love this player! I've used it for years and years!
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