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Date added: June 01, 2011
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/NT
Total Downloads: 445
Downloads last week: 0
Product Ranking: #1 in Download Managers
Developer: Pandora TV
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KMPlayer is a powerful multimedia player with minimal interface that will allow your videos and other media to play quickly and conveniently. This software offers a wide range of new features including alternative viewing formats, playback options, and a small desktop footprint.  The KMPlayer is a fresh alternative to the traditional classic media players.

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KMPlayer is a media player for the Microsoft Windows platform, characterized not by an appeal to a particular niche but by the myriads of file types with which it's compatible. When people have a primary media player that plays almost anything, but can't play that one file, they find refuge in KMPlayer's extensive list of supported files and compelling features.

Among the features which are particularly useful is the screen shot feature. Rather than taking an actual screen shot of the entire screen using the built in keyboard function on your machine, you can use the screen shot function built specifically for KMPlayer and only capture part of the clip you're looking for rather than your entire desktop. Like the frame-capture feature, KMPlayer also has a frame-forward feature.

If the image isn't the only thing important to you, you'll be happy to know that the player is capable of a vast array of video and audio effects, comparable to purchasable media playback suites (if not superior). You can alter the frame-rate of video playback and even bookmark points in a video to return to at a later time. If you're analyzing a long video, this comes in useful when you want to signify portions of it as being important to you. Rather than just bookmarks though, you can flag entire portions of a video.

KMPlayer is also highly customizable. If you find the default scheme to be boring, a simple search will lead you to a number of alternative themes freely contributed by the open source community. These different skins can add that extra level of personalization to your media player experience. The most downloaded skins by the community are the Vista Live and Iron Man skins and may be a good stop in your quest to the perfect scheme.

What KMPlayer is really known for though is its capability of handling a myriad of different audio, video and even subtitle formats that simply aren't supported by the vast majority of media players. It can handle some of the most well known video formats such as AVI, MPEG and WMV, while also offering full support for Google video (GVI) as well as the more popular Flash Video (FLV) formats. As far as proprietary formats are concerned, you'll have no trouble running most RealVideo and QuickTime videos either. Audio support by the media player is just as extensive, as you will be able to play everything from your typical Mp3 file to your less common APE and AC3 files. It doesn't stop there when it comes to media; KMPlayer is capable of displaying many image formats (such as JPEG) as well.

Suppose you were torrenting a video file and it didn't finish downloading. You got 99% of the way through and simply couldn't wait to start watching. Most media players would return an error and cancel out. KMPlayer will instead skip missing and broken frames and still allow you to enjoy your nearly complete video. Another less common feature is KMPlayer's support for playlists. Sure, there's support for the typical LNK and M3U playlists, but KMPlayer does its adherents one better with support for Zipped or rarred audio archives.

KMPlayer also supports subtitles extensively. You'll find it able to play just about any subtitle format, from VobSub to simple text-based subtitles. It even supports embedded subtitles for container formats such as Ogg. The more peculiar aspects of KMPlayer subtitle support are its text-to-speech subtitle support for an audio rendition of your subs, as well as its capability of supporting multiple subtitling. Unlike other media players, some of which support playing up to two subtitle files simultaneously, KMPlayer supports three.

Finally, KMPlayer is capable of being updated. Though KMPlayer comes with just about every codec the average Joe, and even the not-so-average Joe will need, additional codecs aren't difficult to implement. Further, KMPlayer has support for a number of popular plug-ins (which also doesn’t come with the base installation).

KMPlayer provides its users with the ability to play just about any type of media content available on the net or at your local shop, and it does this with a wide breadth of additional features uncommon to many other competing media players. Some of the odder features are less useful to the vast majority of people and may make KMPlayer appear to be a resource hog, but for the true media aficionado, KMPlayer is by far one of the most powerful free media players out there.




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Editor review

"KMPlayer: The Powerhouse of Media Players"
by on June 25, 2011
KMPlayer is one of the more powerful media players on the market. It isn't an open source media player unlike many of it's freely downloadable competitors, but it's developed by a team that's very receptive to feedback. Plus it is very easy to use and free to download.

While it isn't known for being a cross-platform player (you'll want Windows to use it), it makes up for it's lack of versatility in other departments. How many media players can you think of that can be used in Hungarian, Bulgarian or Italian? What KMPlayer lacks in terms of platform access, it makes up for entirely in it's international availability with support for many different languages beyond just English.

KMPlayer isn't only known for the diversity of languages in which it's available - KMPlayer is also able to open and decode a variety of different audio and video files. Besides VCD, DVD and AVI, KMPlayer is also capable of playing OGG and 3GP files. A number of proprietary formats are also playable using KMPlayer such as RealVideo and QuickTime. There is even support for a number of container formats such as OGG and FLV. All of these features make it one of the most widely usable media players on the market today.

Perhaps what KMPlayer is best known for, and rightly so, is how you can manipulate the different videos you play on it. For example, you can slowdown playback and even speed it up, depending on whether you need to produce a low, monotone sound for your media needs or a chipmunk like quickness. Another well-known feature of KMPlayer is the ability to "divide" up a video into parts you like. Much like the bookmark tool on your favorite Internet browser, you can pick parts of a single video to return to at any given time.

The features may have already left you breathless, but there's so much more in terms of features that can't even be covered in an introduction as short as this. You'll just have to try it to find the extent to which you'll be able to use it yourself.

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